During an age where technology is integrated in our lives and functioning without the internet is basically impossible, the decades old hotel industry systems are still prevalent in our society. That is why to usher new hospitality systems, OYO rooms redefine living spaces with proprietary tech years ahead of the competition.

What is OYO?

OYO or Oravel Stays Private Limited, is one of the fastest growing hospitality chains in the world, founded by Ritesh Agarwal, in 2013. Currently it has more than 12,000 hotels across 337 cities in Malaysia, UAE, Nepal , China, Indonesia and India. It is currently the sixth largest growing hospitality company and boasts an inventory of more than 515,000 rooms spread across more than 500 cities globally.

Their growth strategy is to have 10000 on boarding rooms every month via its franchised, managed and leased chain. The OYO platform is striving to defeat its completion of old industry templates by new proprietary tech that also empowers them ahead of the competition with precise and easy ways to connect customers to the hotel.

How OYO is ahead of the curve

Technology is fully prevalent in our lives and utilizing it into a very old system like the hospitality industry revitalizes the concept of accommodation entirely. OYO fixes this problem using technology and talent.

OYO accommodates customers by giving them seamless and easy ways to connect, communicate with the hotel etc. and also by giving the customers a variety of options to choose from such as meals, places and budget etc. It is looking to standardize all forms of real estate such as apartments, guesthouses, budget hotels and resorts providing that extra bit of an option that customers are looking for. Apartments etc. can be refurbished and leased provided quality space for customers that are looking for a place to stay but do not want to compromise on comfort, location or pricing.

The app and website provides a way for customers to avail a variety of options without ever needing to physically attend the location. Customers can directly view the hotel and accommodation dates, book online and also use OYO referral codes to lower prices in comparison to other booking sites. With partnerships with other companies, OYO can provide more offers, choices and places that fit your budget but do not compromise on comfort.

With new, one of a kind innovative hotel categories like OYO Home and Silverkey (Marketplaces for short-term managed rentals), OYO can provide the customers with a variety of choices and with a legacy-driven budget hospitality segment, it can provide services, in-room experiences and amenities that are standardized in higher class hotels. OYO manages its own staff, that provides you with on demand service which might be missing in lower class hotels.

OYO strives to accommodate the needs of the budget traveller, and every room is designed to fit the need of the individual traveller. OYO already has worked on a variety of products (Rooms, Flagship, Townhouse, Silverkey, Home , that makes its concept more lucrative to the traveller that is always on the go and looking for something new and allows more homes or hotels available to the customer. This also allows non-travel related reasons to stay such as long-two way commutes, working late, partying with friends and avoiding driving home drunk. That’s why OYO rooms are a boon to the new age because it is not only related to business trips or trips of leisure. Inter-city bookings account for 40% bookings in some Indian states.

The simplest benefit of OYO is the OYO mobile app. It allows seamless communication with the hotels they are checking into. It also offers other functionalities like in-house food , booking cabs and also searching nearby restaurants. You can also avail cheaper prices using OYO referral codes .Every single functionality has been redesigned to fit the needs of the customer. There are also more than 350 Captains( OYO’s local representatives, which provide full concierge like assistant service and you can also avail them 24/7 to always have support nearby

Technologies implemented by OYO

OYO uses different technologies to ensure that the customer always gets the promises that they were ensured. The mobile app uses ‘Krypton’ app technology which lets Captains engage with customers and see if the standards of OYO are maintained.

OYO has a 300-people strong on-ground team, from different parts of the sector which ensure quick onboarding.
OYO also takes care of the VISA procedures of the guests travelling from international destinations.

The sales workforce uses Orbis which is a business intelligence tool that calculates demand patterns in the area and based on it, they offer the right quote to their partnering hotels, ensuring that the customer always gets the right price. The properties use built in OYO OS for efficient operations on the site. It also captures customer feedback and is used to identify any issues that the customer might have faced.

OYO is also implementing packaged tours which can also be availed with OYO referral codes, making OYO the best option for budgetary travel in South Asia.

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