Pebble’s newest smartwatch with a new feature

This is the ‘Pebble Time’, Pebble’s newest smartwatch with a new feature – it uses color E-ink! Most people would associate e-ink or e-paper with electronic readers like the Amazon Kindle, so it’s great to see it being used with a wider range of products.


There are definite benefits to using e-ink; Pebble says that this new smart watch has up to seven days of battery life – far longer than, say, the Apple Watch. If anything is going to give the Pebble Time an advantage over its competitor, that could well be it.

So apart from the e-ink, what can the Pebble Time offer? Well, a major feature explains the ‘time’ in ‘Pebble Time’. There are three buttons on the side which correspond to ‘Past’, ‘Present’ and ‘Future’ retrospectively, so you can easily flick between them to check your timeline. Pebble describes it on their kickstarter page:

“Your timeline connects to calendars, alarms, and apps, organizing all kinds of relevant information along with quick actions. Similarly, recall the past. Scroll back in time to see that email you missed, your step count for the day or the score from the game last night.”

Pebble Time reached its kickstarter goal in mere minutes, so its clear there’s a market for it. With the ever developing world of wearables, though – one which will very soon include the Apple Watch – it’ll be interesting to see how it fares in the long run.