Is the pocket watch coming back in style? Monohm thinks so!

pocket watch(photo from The Verge)

I’m always one for a quirky modern-day phone, and this so-called ‘Runcible’ certainly fits the bill! That’s what this is, after all – a new, unique circular smartphone, meant to pay homage to such devices as pocket watches or compasses.

It looks great, using real wood for its outer casing, and comes in many different types to boot – various types of wood, brass, and tin are a few examples.

From photos, the screen is looking great, too! As well as being a smartphone, it doubles as an actual watch and looks great doing it. According to The Verge, Monohm is also planning to use the circular screen to its advantage – for example, allowing users to take circular videos and photos.

The Runcible was created with a goal in mind – to lower the overall usage time on your smartphone. As they state on their website:

“Runcible will never beep, alert, or otherwise interrupt you. The world-class connectivity we all came to expect in the smartphone era (LTE, WiFi, Bluetooth) is there on Runcible when you need it. For the rest of the time, you can keep your head up, your attention on the real world and real people around you, and maintain your sense of wonder about life.”

As someone who’s completely and utterly ensnared by the digital world of alerts and constant notifications that demand to be checked as and when they arrive, this actually sounds pretty soothing to me!

That said, I’m not sure I could buy one with the intention of actually replacing my smartphone. The Runcible seems to be more of a niche gadget than a powerhouse smartphone, for my money. Pricing is yet to be announced, but supposedly, it won’t be cheap. Shame, because I’d love to get my hands on one!