Today, following rumour after rumour after rumour, which even led to Samsung parodying said rumours, the Samsung Galaxy S6 designs were finally released to the public at Barcelona’s Mobile World Conference today. So, how much did the rumours get right?

Firstly, there are two designs to choose from: the standard S6, and the S6 Edge. Both have been upgraded considerably from the plastic casing Samsung is so notoriously known for, instead using Gorilla Glass for the front and back panels.


They look great, and probably feels a lot better than previous models to boot. I’ve never been a fan of the cheap-feeling plastic, so I’m glad to see this change come about.

Plus, the edges on the aptly named ‘Edge’ model give the phone a distinctive, actually quite impressive, and maybe a little quirky, look, which certainly appeals to me.

Unfortunately, from what I’ve seen so far, it doesn’t seem as if there are going to be many dedicated uses or apps for the edges, aside from making the phone look good and making swiping across the screen that bit easier.

Since the phone was only officially announced a few hours ago, though, this could change as time goes on. One thing we do know, in terms of apps at least, is that some Microsoft apps are going to come pre-loaded on both models, including Skype, Onedrive and Onenote, so that’s something!

Apart from the design, which really is the biggest talking point of these phones, there are lots of other things to take note of. The camera, for example, is considerably upgraded. It boasts a 16 megapixel back camera, which supposedly outdoes Apple’s iphone cameras.

It also features a new photo shooter app, which is supposed to outshine previous versions, being quicker to load and snap. Then you’ve got the option of wireless charging, built into the back panel of the phone, plus faster charging in general.

If you’re thinking the Galaxy S6 looks pretty similar to an Iphone.. well, the similarities don’t end with design. Samsung have tried fingerprint identification for locking their phones before, but it seems to have improved greatly with the S6, unlocking as soon as you place your finger on the home button – very similar to Apple’s design.

As well as this, Samsung have introduced a rival to Apple’s ‘Apple Pay’ with, you guessed it, ‘Samsung Pay’, a wireless payment system.

If there’s any disappointment to be had, it’s that the battery is non-removable, and that there isn’t going to be room for a micro-sd card, both features that have been staples of Samsung’s flagship phones for years now. Whether or not the new upgrades to S6 models will be enough to heal these wounds deal to loyal Samsung fans is yet to be seen.

Overall, though, the S6 models both look fantastic and sound as if they’ve got some promising stuff going on inside, too. I’ll be looking out for more information as MWC goes on, so watch this space,

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